The Klaroline Campaign

The Klaroline Campaign;

Our objective is to rally more Klaroline shippers to our cause, celebrate the fandom and to let the writers, executive producers, actors and anyone involved with The Vampire Diaries know that we'd very much like to see the relationship between Klaus and Caroline explored and expanded on the show!

Want to help out? Send us an email or drop us a line in our Ask Box.


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We’re up against Forwood, show them which fanbase is bigger!



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“To say that the final round of Alloy Entertainment’s 2013 March Madness competition was intense would be an understatement. Two Vampire Diaries pairs were left standing – Damon & Elena and Klaus & Caroline – and fans of both couples flocked to the polls to cast their vote for their preferred romance. And, holy Salvatore, did things get heat-ed

Not surprisingly enough, after removing extraneous votes for each group, we discovered that the results turned out to be a very close call: 10543 versus 10257, which goes to show how powerful each fan-base is. Delena and Klaroline are no doubt pairings that make fans go “HOT DAMN! YES! MORE!” and that was revealed right away by the numbers alone. However, there can only be one winner and this year’s title goes to…Niklaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes!

Congratulations to Klaroline and all the viewers who voted throughout the competition for their favorite Pretty Little Liars, TVD, Gossip Girl, and Lying Game sizzling duo. And many kudos to Delena fans because they truly gave a really good fight (Braveheart style), especially in the final hour!”



The Klaroline Campaign – What’s going on?

Hey everyone! No, we’re not dead! Far from it! However, we all have busy lives that sometimes eat too much of our time, so we haven’t been as on top of things as we’d like to have been!

Next to RL, we’ve also had less cause to actively campaign, seeing as Klaroline is definitely being invested in as a relationship on the show. On the TVD-side of things we, simply put, have no cause to campaign for our couple; the writers are already giving them a chance.

We are merely biding our time, waiting to see where and how Klaroline stand at the end of this season, when Klaus moves to New Orleans. All the scripts for this season’s TVD have been written, they will not deviate from whatever course they’re headed. It would be pointless to actively campaign now, not until we know what’s going on.

Once we know where Klaroline gets left off on TVD, and we know more about the spin-off and Candice possibly appearing there, that’s when we’ll swoop right in!

Though of course, we will pick up with the non-serious, but fun campaigns again soon as well!

VOTE for Klaroline in Alloy Entertainment Television’s Poll!

The time has come to do a little voting again. Help Klaroline become Alloy Entertainment Television’s Favorite Couple by voting for them in their March Madness poll! Forwood currently has more votes than us and the time has come to correct that mistake, everyone GO VOTE!

We’ve hit our first thousand signatures!

While this is still far from what we need, it’s definitely a good start! Keep signing and advertising the petition wherever possible.

We are only 50 short of our first 1000 signatures!

While that is an amazing feat, it isn’t nearly enough for us to make a proper stand for our beloved couple, we need to have closer to 10.000 to achieve this!

This is where we all come in guys, not just us from the Campaign, but EVERYONE. We can’t do this on our own, we need everyone involved. We all need to unite together as one.

What can I do to help?

Pimp the petition, Pimp it wherever you can:

Here’s a few small banners you can use to link to the petition:





(Feel free to make your own banners and buttons! Please share them with us though, so we can put them up too, with full credit!)

Most importantly, KEEP pimping! Once isn’t enough. People might still miss it! Sometimes you even need to convince someone to sign it too!

One thing we want to be absolutely clear on is that we’re NOT against the probable TVD Spin Off, what we hope to achieve with our petition is that the writer’s give Klaroline a fair chance, that they won’t just sweep their potential story under the rug. Whether they continue developing their relationship on TVD or the spin off doesn’t matter, as long as it’s being developed :)

Another thing, we do not want to force the writers to do anything, we merely want them to consider giving Klaroline a chance. Of course we can’t force them to do anything, but sometimes, if the fans let their voices be heard in masses of thousands, then sometimes, they will be willing to listen! That’s all that we can hope and wish for, but as long as we’re doing nothing, we can’t moan about Klaroline not happening either.

Come on Klaroliners, the ball is in our court! Let’s get to work! Get Pimping!

Join the Klaroline Campaign:

Tumblr || Facebook || Twitter || Website (soon!)

E!Online is going to host another Couples Tournament soon and the nomination round is now open!

If we get “in” alongside the big couples like Finchel, Chair and Delena, it’ll be another signal to show that we’re here to stay!

Please ignore the donation option on the Thank You page, it’s NOT us, it’s the Petition website asking you to donate!

When you reach that page it means you’ve signed the petition!

We were planning on creating a Twitition and we’ve actually just done it Anon :)

For those with Twitter; Sign the Twitition!!!

ATTENTION TO ALL KLAROLINERS, that means every single one of you!

The time has come for us to stand for what we believe in.

Our ship needs your support.

The time has come to be productive with our love for Klaroline. Making GIFs and graphics and writing fics are no longer enough. We need to undertake a clear action.

Do we want to watch our ship crash and burn before it has even begun, or do we want to make a stand and show the writers, how much we love and believe in this pairing?

If we just sit around on tumblr and twitter and do nothing, then all we’ll ever get is nothing; complaining and moaning will not help us.

But if we band together, if we unite as one, we can let our voices be heard. We can show them just how large this fandom has grown in less than a year.

How? Simply by signing this petition:

The time has come to stand up for Klaroline - make the writers give them a chance, we are daring them to!

Sign the Petition || Join the Klaroline Campaign 

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