The Klaroline Campaign

The Klaroline Campaign;

Our objective is to rally more Klaroline shippers to our cause, celebrate the fandom and to let the writers, executive producers, actors and anyone involved with The Vampire Diaries know that we'd very much like to see the relationship between Klaus and Caroline explored and expanded on the show!

Want to help out? Send us an email or drop us a line in our Ask Box.


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VOTE for Klaroline in Alloy Entertainment Television’s Poll!

The time has come to do a little voting again. Help Klaroline become Alloy Entertainment Television’s Favorite Couple by voting for them in their March Madness poll! Forwood currently has more votes than us and the time has come to correct that mistake, everyone GO VOTE!

ATTENTION TO ALL KLAROLINERS, that means every single one of you!

The time has come for us to stand for what we believe in.

Our ship needs your support.

The time has come to be productive with our love for Klaroline. Making GIFs and graphics and writing fics are no longer enough. We need to undertake a clear action.

Do we want to watch our ship crash and burn before it has even begun, or do we want to make a stand and show the writers, how much we love and believe in this pairing?

If we just sit around on tumblr and twitter and do nothing, then all we’ll ever get is nothing; complaining and moaning will not help us.

But if we band together, if we unite as one, we can let our voices be heard. We can show them just how large this fandom has grown in less than a year.

How? Simply by signing this petition:

The time has come to stand up for Klaroline - make the writers give them a chance, we are daring them to!

Sign the Petition || Join the Klaroline Campaign 



After the wonderful success of the Secret Santa (and after having people complain they were too late to sign up for it), I decided to organise another Klaroline Secret Gift Love Fest, this time for Valentine’s Day :D

Please note that the guidelines have been altered!

Important dates:

¤ Sign ups close Jan 10th
¤ Assignments sent out Jan 12th
¤ Assignments due Feb 2nd
¤ Gifts posted Feb 9th
¤ The Big Reveal Feb 10th

Why aren’t the gifts being posted on Valentine’s Day itself?
Easy, Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday, which totally sucks in terms of posting gifts for me (it does takes a few hours out of my day to do so). Also TVD 4x14 will possibly air on that same Thursday, so everyone’ll be otherwise occupied!

What are you waiting for? Sign up now! Gift a fellow Klaroliner with some lovin’ :)

|| Guidelines || Sign Up || Follow || Ask || The Klaroline Campaign ||


Please email your gifts to!When you submit your gifts, please include your Tumblr URL in the mail :)

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: SUNDAY DECEMBER 16TH (no specific time, just submit on the sunday or any day prior to that!)

FRIENDLY REMINDER: Do not post your gifts before we’ll post them on Dec 25th/Christmas Day, nor reveal yourself to the person whom you made graphics for. Otherwise it won’t be a secret santa anymore! We’ll be doing the Big Reveal on who made gifts from whom on Dec 26th/Boxing Day, after that you’re free to post your gifts to wherever :)

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO FINISH YOUR GIFTS ON TIME, THEN PLEASE LET ME (leetjeKNOW. I might be lenient to give you some extra time :)

If you can’t finish your gifts at all, then please also let me know so I can step in for you or have others step in. I do not want people end up with getting nothing!


Well done everybody! Thank you all for contributing to our beautiful list! It’s truly an effort made by the entire fandom!!!

Now it’s time to promote our 100 Reasons and we need everyone’s help to do so!

Twitter Campaign - tweet the entire list or individual reasons from the list to the following people:

And of course, our favourite two people:


#klaroline100 #klaroline100 #klaroline100 #klaroline100 #klaroline100

Example tweets: 

@JuliePlec The Klaroline Fans would like to present you our list of 100 Reasons Why We Love Klaroline: #klaroline100

@JosephMorgan Reason 2: “Because he fancies her. #klaroline100

!! IMPORTANT !! Please link them all to the following page:

Also, please be mindful of your manners! We don’t want to come across as too pushy or demanding! We want to promote our love for Klaroline in a positive and jolly way, so that we might get rewarded with more scenes between the two and dare we say it….. make them endgame eventually? :)

Everyone all set? It’s time to stand up for our ship, together!

The Klaroline Campaign exists solely for the purpose of promoting our beautiful ship, therefore whenever and wherever there’s something with which our ship can be promoted, we will post about it here!

Check out Wetpaint’s list of 5 Reasons Caroline Should Give Klaus a Shot

1. We want to see Klaus’ romantic side: Sure, this guy gets off on turning werewolves into an army of hybrids to do his bidding. But think of all the good he could do with that kind of determination as a boyfriend! He already knows Caroline is going to be a challenge to win over, and we have a feeling that he’ll do whatever it takes to get on her good side. (Even if that means wooing the heck out of her.)

2. Forbidden love: Not that we want newbie Elena (Nina Dobrev) to suffer, but, come on — it would be pretty fun to see how Caroline’s best friend reacts to her dating a man she detests.

3. Jealousy makes the heart grow fonder?: Okay, that’s not the saying, but it probably will be after Tyler (Michael Trevino) sees his gal with another man.

4. Caroline could make Klaus a better man: Women, and especially undead ones, have a lot of power to persuade. Plus, having a moral one like Caroline could make Klaus more eager to ease up on the whole kill or be killed thing.

5. Original-vampire sex: But, more specifically, with a shirtless Klaus. Yeah, we want to see that real bad.

Don’t forget to submit your reasons to our '100 Reasons We Love Klaroline list


For this upcoming Holiday season the Klaroline Campaign wants to organize a Secret Santa for just the Klaroline Fandom, to make Christmas a little extra special for us all :)

How it works

  1. You MUST have a Tumblr
  2. Submit us with what you want to make (fic/art/fanmix)
  3. Tell us also what you’d like to receive (fic/art/fanmix)
  4. YOU MUST MESSAGE US UN-ANONYMOUSLY! How else will we get in touch with you?

Message text:

Pick the options you want to gift and receive!


»» Sign Up here! ««


After that we’ll send out assignments to everyone by private message and then you’ll have three weeks to make gifts for the person we assigned to you :)

Gift Giving Guidelines

Just in case it isn’t clear to anyone, all the gifts have to be KLAROLINE-related!

For Fic/Drabbles

For Art

For Gifsets

For Fanmixes

» Submit your gifts HERE to us «

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: SUNDAY DECEMBER 16TH (no specific time, just submit on the sunday or any day prior to that!)

On Christmas Day we will post all the gifts for everyone!

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

»» Sign Up here! ««

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now! Gift someone a Very Klaroline Christmas this year!

Don’t forget to pimp this either :)

Klaroliners, we are so close to 100 reasons! Surely after 4x06 we can come up with the last few reasons to reach our magical 100? :)

The aim for this campaign is to show our collective love for Klaroline by assembling a list containing 100 beautiful reasons of why we adore the ship as much as we do and then present it to The Vampire Diaries’ team of writers and Joseph and Candice in the hope of our favourite couple getting more scenes together in the future :)

We’ll accept all reasons, as long as they’re compliant with the following rules:

Hop over to our Ask Box and submit some reasons. Together we can finish our EPIC list!!!

TONIGHT, NOVEMBER 15, at 8PM EST (1AM GMT) let’s start trending Klaroline with: “We Fancy Klaroline” [spaces, no hashtag] on Twitter! 


Mention your love to Julie Plec (@julieplec), Kevin Williamson (@kevwilliamson), and the CW The Vampire Diaries (@CW_TVD). 

¤ Follow us @The_Klaroline_C

We hope you can join us and help trend! Let’s make it known worldwide that we are all aboard the Klaroline Ship :)

Pass it on to your followers, we need to get as many Klaroliners tweeting possible!!!


The Klaroline Campaign exists solely for the purpose of promoting our beautiful ship, therefore whenever and wherever there’s something with which our ship can be promoted, we will post about it here!

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