The Klaroline Campaign

The Klaroline Campaign;

Our objective is to rally more Klaroline shippers to our cause, celebrate the fandom and to let the writers, executive producers, actors and anyone involved with The Vampire Diaries know that we'd very much like to see the relationship between Klaus and Caroline explored and expanded on the show!

Want to help out? Send us an email or drop us a line in our Ask Box.


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Portrait Magazine’s Shipper Top 10

Remember that poll we all voted on? Portrait Magazine have just published their feature on all the couples voted into the Top 10 and this is what they wrote about Klaroline:

#7. Caroline Forbes & Klaus Mikaelson [The Vampire Diaries]

“Is that our thing?” 


They started on opposite sides but he’s fascinated by her and is continually trying to wear her down, even if she does despise him at the moment. We’ll give Klaus points for persistence because Caroline’s slowly warming to him. He also sees her in a way that the other guys in her life don’t – he recognises that she’s destined for something bigger and better than her small hometown world. The world is full of possibilities if she’s willing to let herself be open to them, and when she does, who knows what could happen. One thing we do know is that with all the tension between these two, them becoming a couple is pretty much inevitable.

Memorable Shipper Moment: The pair bonding at the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant. He may have bargained for a date with her but she had no trouble expressing her concerns about her best friend to him. And was that a laugh we saw Caroline? ;)

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    They started on opposite sides but he’s fascinated by her and is continually trying to wear her down, even if she does...
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