The Klaroline Campaign

The Klaroline Campaign;

Our objective is to rally more Klaroline shippers to our cause, celebrate the fandom and to let the writers, executive producers, actors and anyone involved with The Vampire Diaries know that we'd very much like to see the relationship between Klaus and Caroline explored and expanded on the show!

Want to help out? Send us an email or drop us a line in our Ask Box.


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Please check our previous answer to this question:

Please ignore the donation option on the Thank You page, it’s NOT us, it’s the Petition website asking you to donate!

When you reach that page it means you’ve signed the petition!

Thank you for your support.

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Hello Anon,

You can check the number of signatures by clicking on “signatures“, in the petition page.

We are exploring several options when it comes to sharing the petition with the people involved with the Vampire Diaries.

We will keep you updated. 

Thank you for your interest.

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Please ignore the donation option on the Thank You page, it’s NOT us, it’s the Petition website asking you to donate!

When you reach that page it means you’ve signed the petition!

We were planning on creating a Twitition and we’ve actually just done it Anon :)

For those with Twitter; Sign the Twitition!!!

ATTENTION TO ALL KLAROLINERS, that means every single one of you!

The time has come for us to stand for what we believe in.

Our ship needs your support.

The time has come to be productive with our love for Klaroline. Making GIFs and graphics and writing fics are no longer enough. We need to undertake a clear action.

Do we want to watch our ship crash and burn before it has even begun, or do we want to make a stand and show the writers, how much we love and believe in this pairing?

If we just sit around on tumblr and twitter and do nothing, then all we’ll ever get is nothing; complaining and moaning will not help us.

But if we band together, if we unite as one, we can let our voices be heard. We can show them just how large this fandom has grown in less than a year.

How? Simply by signing this petition:

The time has come to stand up for Klaroline - make the writers give them a chance, we are daring them to!

Sign the Petition || Join the Klaroline Campaign 

We did it! We are in the top ten of Portrait Magazine’s ship poll!


Portrait Magazine's ship poll was closed last night around midnight.

And guess what!?

Out of 30 ships, Klaroline finished in 7th place! 


Next month, they will have a feature on each of the ships from the top ten. 

So yes, we managed to attract more attention to Klaroline!!! Thank you to all of you who voted! Great job everyone :)

But it isn’t over yet, there are still many polls to conquer!

Here’s a short list (if you have any other to suggest, don’t hesitate) :

If you see any other ship polls, please message us so we can raise more awareness about them!

We are working on it Anon! We’ll try to have something organised ASAP!!!



After the wonderful success of the Secret Santa (and after having people complain they were too late to sign up for it), I decided to organise another Klaroline Secret Gift Love Fest, this time for Valentine’s Day :D

Please note that the guidelines have been altered!

Important dates:

¤ Sign ups close Jan 10th
¤ Assignments sent out Jan 12th
¤ Assignments due Feb 2nd
¤ Gifts posted Feb 9th
¤ The Big Reveal Feb 10th

Why aren’t the gifts being posted on Valentine’s Day itself?
Easy, Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday, which totally sucks in terms of posting gifts for me (it does takes a few hours out of my day to do so). Also TVD 4x14 will possibly air on that same Thursday, so everyone’ll be otherwise occupied!

What are you waiting for? Sign up now! Gift a fellow Klaroliner with some lovin’ :)

|| Guidelines || Sign Up || Follow || Ask || The Klaroline Campaign ||


Hello everyone, hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas and that you’ve enjoyed your Klaroline gifts :)
I’d like to give special thanks to lostheart95, klaussdick, sleepinghooks, asecretbrotherhoodhandshake and lostinmyvampireworld for stepping in last minute for people who were unable to submit their gifts. You guys saved me basically, so THANK YOU <333
And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for, here’s the list of Secret Santas! 


Until next year :) *coughs*and at Valentines*cough*

-x- Leonie


Please email your gifts to!When you submit your gifts, please include your Tumblr URL in the mail :)

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: SUNDAY DECEMBER 16TH (no specific time, just submit on the sunday or any day prior to that!)

FRIENDLY REMINDER: Do not post your gifts before we’ll post them on Dec 25th/Christmas Day, nor reveal yourself to the person whom you made graphics for. Otherwise it won’t be a secret santa anymore! We’ll be doing the Big Reveal on who made gifts from whom on Dec 26th/Boxing Day, after that you’re free to post your gifts to wherever :)

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO FINISH YOUR GIFTS ON TIME, THEN PLEASE LET ME (leetjeKNOW. I might be lenient to give you some extra time :)

If you can’t finish your gifts at all, then please also let me know so I can step in for you or have others step in. I do not want people end up with getting nothing!

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